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Services Provided by Devoted Pets

We offer a full spectrum of services

• Available 24 hours for the pet owner, veterinary or kennel facility.
• Pet cremation services for all sizes of dogs, cats, as well as birds and other small animals.
• Pickup service is complimentary at most veterinarian facilities. Home pickup is available at a nominal charge or the pet owner may choose to bring their pet in person to our facility.
• Our display room displays a large selection of urns, memorial markers and keepsakes.
• Witness cremations are offered by appointment to the pet owner for an additional charge.
• All of our staff are Certified Crematory Operators.
• We encourage veterinary clinics and pet owners to visit our facility.

Cremation Options

Private Cremation:

    Devoted Pets specializes in private cremations when the pet owner desires the cremated remains returned.

    Private cremations are performed using our numbered ridged metal ID tag ensuring proper identification during the entire cremation process.

    A Certificate of Private Cremation will be issued and the cremated remains returned in a standard container to the pet owner or veterinary facility.

Witness Private Cremation:

    Private cremation that may be viewed by family members.
Offered by appointment and at an additional charge, witness cremation gives the pet owner privacy and a chance to say good-bye.

Communal Cremation:

    The pet is cremated with other owners pets and the cremated remains are appropriately scattered.

Please Call for Cremation Prices
Phone: 281-370-7008

"It is our commitment to provide the same level of compassion and care for the families who have lost a devoted pet as we would for the loss of a loved one."

Your pet is the only creature in the world that will love unconditionally.

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